Sonderen Packaging is family-owned and operated. We are in the business of manufacturing high-quality, custom packaging made primarily out of paperboard material. Paperboard is lightweight but strong, printable, recyclable, and sustainable making it the perfect packaging medium. Examples of packaging styles that we manufacture include a variety of folding cartons, glued sleeves, and display cartons. Each product is made exclusively for our customers’ unique item(s).

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Our Mission

Sonderen Packaging is committed to being the very best folding carton supplier in quality, service, and value to our customers. This goal is achieved by providing modern equipment, a good work environment, and utilizing the skills and knowledge of our greatest asset, our people. Dedication to building trust in the relationships with our customers and our employees is a value we strive for.

Our Vision

Fiercely Independent.

It's the way we've remained proudly family-owned and privately operated for three generations. We strive each and every day to build trust in our relationships with our customers and provide the highest level of quality and service possible. Fierce Independence is our commitment to our customers, community, and employees to provide stability for the future.

Customers For Life

Once our customers experience the value Sonderen Packaging provides we don’t think they will want to go anywhere else. We would consider it a privilege to be a supporting partner in your business growth and success. We truly care about the success of our customers and earn their trust through our expertise and ethics, with a steadfast dedication to quality and delivery that customers can count on.

Brief History

Since opening in 1963, Sonderen has grown from 8 employees working in a 2,000 square foot basement shop to 125+ employees and a 130,000 square foot state-of-the-art facility. Sonderen Packagings’ success can be attributed to the second-generation visionary leadership of Mark Sonderen and the company’s reputation for high-quality manufacturing, customer service second to none, and building lasting relationships with customers and employees, and suppliers.

These relationships proved invaluable during significant challenges faced by the company. In 1998, a massive fire nearly destroyed the entire Sonderen operation. With the help of a dedicated workforce, loyal customers trusted suppliers, and a few friendly competitors, we were able to rebuild the plant quickly. Remarkably enough, we could also retain 100% of our customers and avoid laying off a single employee!

In 2004, Sonderen acquired another folding carton company, and to the credit of our employees and their exceptional efforts, we were able to retain 95% of that company's existing customers. In November of 2008, Sonderen expanded our operations with the addition of a 40,000-square-foot warehouse on our existing property primarily to be used for finished goods and raw materials. In 2015 Mark Sonderen retired, and Matt and Keva now lead the company as a dynamic sibling team. Since 2015 we have made several equipment investments to increase efficiencies, streamline the business and increase our level of quality and service.

Since 2005, Sonderen Packaging has been a member of a selective and unique group of independently owned and operated packaging converters. Independent Carton Group (ICG) members are bonded by a shared commitment to the packaging industry and the success and achievements of each ICG member. The ICG supports our vision to remain Fiercely Independent and competitive in our industry through raw material and consumable purchasing programs, technical training conferences, and guaranteed backup support in the event of a catastrophe.

Camaraderie and connection are at the forefront, with the ultimate goal of boosting and promoting the independent advantage so that independents not only survive but thrive.

Keva Sonderen serves on the ICG board of directors - read more!