If it's made out of paperboard we can design and manufacture it!

Below is a sampling of the categories we produce packaging for...

Chukar Cherries - This carton features a deep red color on the inside and a metallic silver ink on the outside. A window cut-out reveals the decadent product inside, and the carton style is a unique tent top shape.

Dilettante Chocolates - Packaging elegance is the only way to describe this patterned spot-UV carton with silver foil, emboss and a deep purple pantone ink color. A tent top shape and cellophane window, display this well-known delicacy on the shelf.

Black Raven Brewing - The artistic graphic design and bold brewery name is showcased on a large paperboard billboard make it easy to locate your favorite IPA.

Tieton Cider - Brillant colors light up the beverage aisle giving this brand immediate recognition amidst its competitors.

Cerakote – Bold colors printed on premium paperboard with a glossy spot-UV coating to highlight the images and branded logo.

Rescue! – A bright pantone green and sizeable product image printed on a sturdy paperboard, gives this display carton the attention it deserves.

Herbal Face Food - Bold, bright pantone colors and a soft-touch coating distinguish this Vogue-approved luxury product while delighting the consumer with hidden messaging inside the carton.

Bean Box - A colorful pallet, soft-touch coating and large window cut-out are the heroes of this delightful carton ready for gifting to your favorite coffee lover.

miFlavour - This package protects very delicate French Macarons for shipping while still ensuring they are visible “eye candy” for the consumer on the retail shelf. This hexagon-shaped carton was created by embossing the company logo and finished with a velvety soft coating.

Tofurky - 100% recycled paperboard provides a canvass for the whimsical graphics and bold colors of this petite package. A window cut-out gives the consumer a peek at the plant-based product.

Darigold - A package that is functional in every way. The paperboard is formulated to withstand refrigeration and the sleeve design is easy for the customer to apply and the consumer to recycle.