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Additional Protective Measures for COVID-19

As our economy starts to open up and we have more opportunities to be in contact with other people outside of our current sphere of family and co-workers, we will need to ensure we take the proper measures to keep everyone safe.  The more opportunity for folks to interact, the higher the possibility of bringing Covid-19 into our workplace.  Although that possibility remains low due to our clean and open environment, many of you will agree it is still prudent to take precautions.  Now that Phase 2 opening guidelines are published, the use of masks or shields are mandatory throughout manufacturing facilities for anyone not working alone.  We will be making masks or shields mandatory in many areas and will take additional measures both in the office and on the plant floor to ensure we remain physically distanced and in compliance with the State Phase 2 guidelines.  You may see some of your co-workers testing out our awesome face-shields we can make in house!  Take a look at them, and make suggestions for improvements if needed.  When I go on the floor, I wear my mask when I am within six feet of people, not to protect myself, but to protect everyone else.  Wearing a mask or shield is a statement of mutual respect for others and supports the fierce behavior “Model Respectful Behavior”.   Earlier last week, one of our customers, Philadelphia Macaroni, had an outbreak traced back to one employee who brought it in and has subsequently infected about half of the company.  The company was doing many things right.  Extra cleaning and sanitation, wearing masks, staggering shifts and creating space where possible.  This case emphasizes how important it is that we look out for each other by not putting ourselves in situations where we could become compromised and bring COVID into our building.   That means following the Phase 2 requirements of wearing masks in public places, and it may mean putting off going out to the Casino or your favorite restaurant or bar for a little longer.  This will be the new normal for quite some time.  Lets strive to model respectful behaviors by keeping others in mind.

Effective 6/1/2020

In order to be in compliance with the Phase 2 Manufacturing Facility Covid-19 Requirements, and to attempt to prevent a break-out in our facility we will be taking extra measures starting on Monday, June 1st.

All employees will be required to wear a mask or a face shield. This will include all contractors or technicians that are in the building. Please bring the cloth masks provided or other facial covering.  (Wash after each use). We have also purchased disposable face masks that you can obtain from your manager (limited supply). Paperboard face shields are currently in a trial period and plastic face shields are also a potential option we are looking into.

At the beginning of each shift all employees will need to be questioned regarding their current health status and if they have taken their temperature before work. If they answer “no” then their temperature will need to be taken. If their temp. is at or above 100.4, then they will need to be sent home and the area that they work in will need to be sanitized.

Here are the questions that each employee will need to be asked at the beginning of their shift.

  1. Have you taken your temperature today?
  2. Have you had a temperature higher than 100.4 in the last 72 hours (without the use of medicine that reduces fever)?
  3. Have you, or anyone in your household experienced any of the following symptoms that cannot be attributed to another heath condition within the last 48 hours?
    1. Fever
    1. Chills
    1. Cough
    1. Shortness of breath
    1. Sore throat
    1. New loss of smell or taste
    1. Nausea, diarrhea or vomiting

We will not be able to question each employee before they enter the building, however we need to question each employee as soon as possible at the beginning of their shift. We are going to divide the production employees into three groups:

  • Group #1: Die-Cutting, Die-Shop, Maintenance
  • Group #2: Finishing, Corrugated
  • Group #3: Printing, Sheeting, Shipping/Receiving

Managers, it is your responsibility to ensure that everyone is questioned each day on each shift. You can appoint one person that will do this each shift (if they are willing), or you can take it on yourself. There will not be any paperwork or record of this process so we need to trust that this process is being performed. If you want to make a checklist for yourself, that is fine, however make sure that you dispose of it at the end of the day or week.

We have set up two stations that have a no-contact thermometer and cleansing wipes.

The first station is located by the office door next to the birthday wheel, this station should be used by Group #1 and Group #2.
The second station is located outside of Cheryl office and shroud be used by only Group #3

In order to limit the amount of hands on the thermometer, only the appointed people in each group should be touching the thermometer. After the beginning of each shift and all temperatures have been taken, the thermometer should be sanitized and back in its station. These thermometers are extremely hard to purchase right now and we cannot afford to lose one. Do not touch it if you are not authorized.

I am sure that this process will be altered and improved as we implement it and also as state guidelines change.

Please be patient and positive as we work through this, it is frustrating and time consuming, however an outbreak could be devastating.

Stay Healthy, Matt and Keva