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We are a complete folding carton manufacturer. This means that from the design of the carton to pre-press to finished carton we employ quality, precision, consistency and total product satisfaction. Your paperboard carton sells your product. Using custom inks, hard surface coatings, and die cut options, your package will be both vibrant and highly durable. Through our personal customer service, experienced managers, and our highly skilled craftsmen, Sonderen’s integrated team of qualified employees are experts at identifying solutions for your folding carton projects while using the latest in state of the art technologies. To the benefit of our customers, our goal at Sonderen is to incorporate every available technology in order to reduce cost and improve production turnaround time.

Structural Design

Each package we produce is designed to suit our customers’ unique needs We work closely with our customers during the R&D phase to come up with a package that fits their product perfectly for optimal protection, functions flawlessly and is also attractive. We produce sample cartons on our Computer Aided Design table. Our customers generally supply us with their product and a few basic design specifications. Next we create samples for them to test and approve. Once the carton is approved we will email an electronic die line (structural outline) for the art designers to place their graphics on.


Our pre-press department is efficient, knowledgeable and friendly. They ensure that the artwork our customers send to us prints correctly out in production. Our customers can provide graphics to us via ftp sites, wetransfer, sharefile, thumb drive or email. The size of the file will determine the best method of file transfer. Our team is happy to answer any questions upfront so that the process is smooth and efficient, which saves our customers money. Our Prepress Department offers color proofs, three dimensional mockups/prototypes, Webway internet based project communication and facilitation, and computer to plate electronic work flow and processes.

Please take a look at the following document before graphics are submitted.


spokane custom packaging
This is where ink goes on paper and the shelf appeal takes shape. Our Printing Department has two 40” printing presses and one seven-color 57” press which allow us the opportunity to be flexible with our schedule. This flexibility results in shorter turn around times and the ability to meet our customers’ needs quickly and efficiently while still maintaining a high level of quality. Our printing department offers five different types of coating, soy based process inks as well as U.V. inks and coatings. We also offer printing on the inside of the carton for a unique finish that will surprise and delight consumers. We customarily print on paperboard that ranges from .012 to .030 in thickness. We also have a mini ink plant under our roof. Managed by INX international, they ensure that we do not run out of ink and are able to do special mixed pantone colors and ink proofs called draw downs. Click here for more information about INX.

Foil, Emboss & Cello Window

Dress it up with these specialty options. We have the capability to foil stamp an image on your boxes. Foil is incredibly shiny and will catch the attention of your customers as well as support a high end product feel. There are numerous colors and textures to choose from. Embossing is an option that will bring dimension to your carton. A logo, image, or pattern is a nice choice for embossing. It is also possible to emboss a foiled image for double the impact. Adding a cellophane window to a carton where visibility of the product is necessary is something we can also do. Customize your window shape and size and we will take care of the rest.

Die Cutting

Your package also needs to be cut, scored and perforated where necessary. The cutting department takes care of this step. Sonderen Packaging has four cutting presses. The cutting department takes pride in making sure the cartons form correctly whether they are hand or machine loaded. We also create and maintain the cutting dies in our plant. Once you purchase a cutting die you will never have to pay for another unless you change the structure of the package.


Precise folding and gluing of the cartons is executed in the finishing department. Finishing takes great care in making sure that the cartons are glued in the proper place and with the correct amount of glue so they are strong and durable. The finishing department is also the final quality check before your product is packed into custom sized corrugated cases and shipped to you.