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Load Stripper (Entry Level-Day Shift)

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Job ID: 1339
Posting Status: Open
Date Posted: 04/21/2021
Location: Spokane WA
Position Classification: Production Labor
Employment Type: Hiring

Swing shift (ability to be flexible on start time)

Work a 4-10 hour day schedule with potential overtime.

Sonderen Packaging, is a family company in its third generation of ownership. Since 1963 Sonderen Packaging has been a staple of the Spokane, WA community. We conduct business with the highest level of integrity while striving to maintain a family focused culture. Our culture is built on respectful relationships with our customers and employees. We have a positive working environment with a talented team, and excellent benefits. Are you a reliable & detail-oriented employee, who likes a good challenge and has a positive attitude?

A Load Stripper (affectionately called “Stripper” for short) has several duties and responsibilities that ensure that the finishing department can run at full efficiency. The main responsibility is to “strip” the paper waste from the cartons. While this sounds simple, it is actually quite challenging. Handling 30lb air hammer for the majority of the day is no small feat. This is a physical job where you are constantly on the move.  Advice for a new Stripper would be that “it is critical to pay attention to details to ensure that the product is not damaged during the stripping process.”   The stripper also needs to be constantly communicating and paying attention to the schedule so they ensure they are stripping the most critical jobs. The cutting department team members have this to say about their manager. “Dan is understanding, responsive, accessible and easy to get along with. He listens to suggestions and is willing to make improvements to the job so it is easier. He is an all-around great guy who cares about you outside of work and is super supportive and friendly!” The stripper generally works alone and is self-motivated to consistently work hard. The stripper can listen to (appropriate) music of their choice while working under a disco ball. The stripper takes pride in knowing that they are helping the finishing department to increase efficiencies so our customers can receive their product quickly.

This custom manufacturing business is also very humbling in that you learn something new every single day. Manufacturing is exciting and can be unpredictable. We all give our best effort but at the end of the day we must give ourselves some grace. Although we strive for perfection, we are not perfect people and do not make a perfect product. However, we take pride in seeing our quality product on the store shelf. We are lifelong learners. We persevere through tough times and are always looking for ways to improve. We love to laugh and joke and celebrate success. If these are characteristics you embody, it is likely you would be a great fit for our team. Are you up for the challenge??


Duties and Functions:

  • Stripping loads, sorting defects handpack/assembly and quality assurance.
  • Review production schedule and prepare loads for the production run using jackhammer.
  • Ensure all loads are broken down and properly loaded on pallet.
  • Using an electric pallet jack,
  • stage jobs to be run, ensure item numbers, job numbers and specification number are correct with order numbers.
  • Check for sort tags or defects on loads.
  • Cleaning up area after a job is completed-pick up scrap, change our scrap cart if running different board.