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Carton prices will be quoted as a price per thousand. Our minimum order qty is 5,000 cartons. It is important to note that the higher the order quantity, the lower the price per thousand will be.


The dimensions of the box must be listed in the proper sequence in order to get the shape you need to fit your product. To determine the proper length, width and depth, place the carton facing you with the opening up. Dimensions should be measured from the center of score to center of score and given to the nearest sixteenth of an inch. Please refer to the outside dimensions of the carton.


The appropriate style for a box will be determined by several factors such as

  • What the contents will be
  • What the contents will weigh
  • How the box is to be displayed
  • If the box is to be machine or hand loaded

Whenever possible, send us a sample of a box being currently used and/or the product that the box needs to be designed for.

The final price of the carton is also determined by the type of paperboard, number of colors and shipping needs. Additional costs for dies, plates and pre-press preparations will also need to be incurred. Please ask a salesman for more information about these expenses.

View example box styles.