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What is your minimum order quantity?

We prefer to keep our minimum order quantity at 2,500 pieces. If you need to order below 2,500 pieces we may be able to work with you to come up with a solution but you will also need to be willing to pay a higher price for such a low quantity.

What is your lead time?

It is our goal to ship your order two weeks from the date you approve the artwork. We are very flexible so we will always do our best to accommodate your needs.

What materials do you work with?

We produce packaging made primarily out of paperboard material. Paperboard is light weight yet strong, printable, recyclable and sustainable making it the perfect packaging medium. Visit our sustainability page on paperboard for more information on paperboard. We are also able to apply a cellophane window to your paperboard package.

Do you have stock boxes or stock cutting dies for standard sizes?

No we do not keep an inventory of standard size boxes, nor do we have cutting dies for that purpose. Everything we do is custom for our customers. Our customers pay for and own their cutting dies for their unique products.

Do you supply or convert corrugated boxes?

We can convert very thin corrugated material (E flute or F flute) but we are unable to print directly on the corrugated. If a customer would like high end printing on their thin corrugated box then we print what is called a “top sheet”. A top sheet is thin paperboard that we print on. That printed sheet is laminated to the corrugated then die cut and glued if need be. If you are in need of corrugated packaging, we recommend that you contact Alliance

Do you supply or print labels?

No. We do not supply nor have the capability to print labels or stickers. For high quality printed labels or other printed materials that require printing on paper that is not paperboard we recommend Lawton Printing (

What can I expect to pay for my first order?

We separate out our start up costs and our unit costs on our quotations. These start up costs include printing plates, a cutting die and artwork file preparation and proof. They are dependant on the number of colors the artwork is, the number of items and quantities you are ordering and the size of the package. If your artwork and structure of the package do not change from the first order then you will not need to pay for these materials again. The unit costs are dependant on the above criteria as well as other things like shipping and type of paperboard. We are unable to supply an accurate price unless we have more details. Please contact us for a quotation using our “Contact Us” page or our phone number.

Do you offer recycled paperboard?

Yes! Our recycled paperboard contains 100% reclaimed fibers, 35%-80% of which is post consumer. See our Sustainability page on paperboard for more information.

Do you have a graphic designer I can use to design my artwork?

We do not employ a graphic designer but we are happy to recommend someone to you. Our customers customarily hire a graphic designer to design their artwork. We supply an electronic die line or template of the package and the designer places the art design on the die line. We have design specifications that if followed, will save our customers time and money.

Do I need to send you my product in order to size the package?

It is incredibly helpful if you can supply us with the actual product that you would like your package sized to. It will save time and eliminate uncertainty if we have the product for the initial design.

Will you keep my product confidential?

Absolutely! We work with many customers who have brand new products that they would like us to keep confidential. We will also be sure to send the product back to you as many times we understand that it may be the only prototype you have.

Do you ship anywhere?

Yes, we are able to arrange shipments all over North America as well as internationally.

What are my payment options?

We accept cash, check, money order as well as Visa and MasterCard. Your payment terms will primarily depend on your credit history and how well established you are as a company. Your sales person will help to determine the appropriate payment terms for your account.

What is your maximum order quantity?

We currently have no maximum order quantity. Bring it On!

Are sample cartons free?

Yes! Generally up to 5 are free. But please don’t take our designs to another manufacturer. We conduct business with the highest integrity and we expect our customers and prospects to show us the same respect.

Do you create mockups/prototypes?

Yes we can create mockups for you that are almost indiscernible from the actual manufactured package. Customers oftentimes use them for product shots for marketing materials or catalogs or to display at trade shows in order to gain interest in a new product. Mockups do cost money and that price is generally dependent on the product specifications.