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We all know COVID-19 has had an enormous impact on many of our lives and on those of our friends and family.  We have been doing well Masking, Social Distancing and limiting our gatherings, and COVID-19 Cases since the holiday spike, have been on the decline.  We have put in some great work to reduce the spread, now we are into the final chapter to control this virus. We want to get back to a more “normal life”.  We want to stamp this virus out so we can hug and high five our loved ones and friends again.  The answer to getting to that point is VACCINES!  They are here and YES, they are safe.  “But wait a minute” you say.  “How could a vaccine produced in such a short amount of time still be safe?  These big bad drug companies HAD to cut corners somewhere right?”  Not necessarily.  Think of the process like setting up a gluer.  The most efficient and fast way to get a gluer or any machine set up and producing a good product, is to do things simultaneously and ahead of time, while the machine is still running the previous job.  The vaccine production process is much the same way.  The following slides are adapted from a presentation given by Dr. Gretchen LaSalle MD.  A local Family Physician and author currently working for MultiCare out in the Valley, who happens to also be a vaccine and community health advocate and resident expert.  We highly recommend everyone to go to her blog site and read a couple of her blog posts.  Specifically the one titled:  “COVID19 vaccine coming soon:  Here’s what you need to know – Part2” And please read: “COVID19, vaccines, and risk”

We think you will find the risks associated with the vaccine are either hearsay from online fearmongers OR they are so low, the risk of not getting vaccinated and then dying from contracting COVID19 is much MUCH greater.

When it comes to the process of creating, approving and producing the vaccine, money makes it all happen.  Imagine if we could afford to pay 30 plus people to perform one single action each, during the setup of a folder-gluer machine and it was all choreographed in perfect synchronicity like a pit crew.  How fast could we do that setup?  The vaccine research testing and production for both the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines has essentially been funded with an open checkbook full of blank checks from investors and governments around the world.  The years of research had already been done on previous Corona-type viruses SARS, MERS, etc…  There were areas in the process where redundancies and red tape were removed.  And a big factor in how the Vaccine was available so quickly, is production was started BEFORE approval was completed.  When money is no object, a lot can be accomplished

As of February 23rd, there have been 64,177,474 doses of the vaccine administered with very little to no life-threatening side effects.  Typically, with the second dose, you will feel some flu like symptoms as your body learns to fight the disease.  Plan to stay at home for 1-3 days after getting the second dose.

Most Reports about deaths following receipt of the Vaccine are very skewed.  Just because it was reported that someone died some days or even minutes after receiving the vaccine doesn’t mean the vaccine caused their deaths.  Most of these cases are reported in nursing homes where people die from other causes every day.  There have been a few cases of anaphylaxis (severe allergic reactions) but almost none, if any, were deemed fatal.  A particularly widely reported case of a woman in Virginia who received the Pfizer vaccine was re-posted across social media as a cause of her death even though the medical examiner said it was not.  Another report of a nurse in Alabama dying from an allergic reaction to the vaccine was reported across Facebook but the reports were confirmed false and the posts originated from anti-vaccine advocates.  Other reports stated 6 people died during the vaccine trials.  Yes, six people died during the trials, 4 were given a placebo and died from non-related causes such as stroke and heart attack.  2 died months after receiving the 2nd vaccine of heart attacks not related to the vaccine.  In any drug related study with thousands of people, there are always deaths that follow the statistics of the general population.

As deaths from the Corona Virus have now risen to 501,000 as of this writing, your chance of dying from the virus are no longer 1 in 1000 as the graphic above shows.  It is now 1 in 655.  Compare that with the odds of having a severe (but non-fatal) anaphylactic reaction to the vaccine of 1 in 181,000.  If you are afraid of the vaccine then you should not be driving a car.  Your single year odds of dying in a car crash are 1 in 8,303 and 1 out of 106 of us here will die in a car crash over their lifetime of driving.

In the end, to get a COVID-19 vaccine or Not to get a COVID-19 vaccine is everyone’s choice, but with that choice comes responsibility and to make that choice, one must be informed.  We hope this information will better inform your decision.  We simply want you to be happy, safe and healthy!

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