Trusted Since 1963

Founded on April 1, 1963, by Al and Mary Sonderen, the company has been a successful family-owned business for several decades. This tradition will continue as the third generation of the family continues to lead the company into the future.

Since opening in 1963, Sonderen has grown from 8 employees working in a 2,000 square foot basement shop to 125+ employees and a 130,000 square foot state-of-the-art facility. Sonderen Packagings’ success can be attributed to the second-generation visionary leadership of Mark Sonderen and the company’s reputation for high-quality manufacturing, customer service second to none, and building lasting relationships with customers and employees, and suppliers.

These relationships proved invaluable during significant challenges faced by the company. In 1998, a massive fire nearly destroyed the entire Sonderen operation. With the help of a dedicated workforce, loyal customers, trusted suppliers, and a few friendly competitors, we were able to rebuild the plant quickly. Remarkably enough, we could also retain 100% of our customers, and we did not lay off a single employee! Also, in 1998 Matt Sonderen joined the Sonderen team on the production floor and gained knowledge of the entire operation. Matt is now a third-generation co-owner and focuses on operations and investing in the company's future.

In 2004, Sonderen acquired another folding carton company, and to the credit of our employees and their exceptional efforts, we achieved a 95% customer retention rate. Also, in 2004, Keva Sonderen began working at Sonderen Packaging as a customer service representative. In addition to being a third-generation co-owner of the company, she also handles Marketing and ensures the Sonderen Culture remains family-oriented.

In November of 2008, Sonderen expanded its operations with the addition of a 40,000-square-foot warehouse on our existing property primarily to be used for finished goods and raw materials.

In 2015 Mark Sonderen retired but remains active as the Chairman of the Board and is always around to give sound advice and support to the next generation.

Presently, Matt and Keva Sonderen are at the helm as dynamic siblings. Investing in technology and our people continue to be our top priorities. Offering competitive prices, exceeding our customer's needs, furthering our sustainability efforts, and loving what we do is how we remain Fiercely Independent.