Since the legalization of marijuana sales in Washington, we at Sonderen Packaging have worked hard to become leaders in creating packaging solutions within the emerging industry of legal cannabis products, from oils to edibles. Navigating the highly-regulated industry with our clients has been exciting and challenging, and we pride ourselves on offering a superior customer service experience and competitive pricing. This philosophy has led to some exciting collaborations, such as our work with startup Origens Cannabis, based here in Spokane, WA.

Origens became licensed to sell product in July of 2016, and looked to large mainstream non-cannabis brands to draw inspiration. We talked with Origens co-founder, Sam, about the progression of bringing their product to market. According to Sam, the logo and Daddy Fat Sacks himself is a throwback to the black market dealers and where you got your best weed. “We wanted a laid back familiar typeface… broad appeal with an approachable appearance,” says Sam, “If you ever bought marijuana before it was legal you knew a guy who looked just like our logo.”

“We wanted to stand out so we really tried to attack this issue with an overall thought of not only what’s the best way to present our products, but how do we use visuals similar to what people are used to buying outside of our industry. How do we bring a professional feel to a market that was definitely not that?” reflects Sam.  “This is how our partnership with Sonderen came about. We researched who was making the packaging on products we were already buying and found out that a major company was right in our backyard.”

Packaging done right does more than transport and protect a product, it should be designed to enhance a brand. Sonderen Packaging enjoys being a creative partner from the smallest details of design through production. With Origens, that meant finessing precise shapes and sizing so that products stand exact and upright when in their packaging.

“Working with Keva was eye opening at first to say for sure. We needed a company that could produce a high quality product and Sonderen was obviously top choice as far as that type packaging. It was committing to the scale that took the getting used to. Keva was instrumental in navigating us through this part and was able to make it make sense for a small business to go big. I can’t overstate how awesome she and the Sonderen team have been.”

At the end of the day, knowing that we take care of our customers and our employees is what matters most. Knowing that our collaboration and creative solutions help our clients transform and uplift their industry is another reward all together. “Working with Keva and Sonderen has allowed us to be an industry leader in our packaging appearance and performance,” says Sam. “The product they produced was not only visually stunning but it was sturdy and was a new level for the joint packaging industry wide. Partnering with them has allowed us to be someone other producers look to for what’s next in the progression of marijuana packaging.”

“We were able to accomplish every single goal we had going in. We wanted local, beautiful, professional and affordable packaging. They delivered a product that was all of those and more.”