We are very excited to announce the addition of a brand new Heidelberg Diana X 115 Folder Gluer to Sonderen Packaging’s fleet of equipment, joining our three older gluing machines. At nearly 110 feet long, it was too large for our existing gluing department, so some of our warehouse space was converted to production area to accommodate its size. With its greater length comes an increase in customization and the capability to churn out an almost limitless variety of package styles.

“We needed to update our older gluers and get the quicker running speeds, faster makeready, better throughput in general,” says Keva Sonderen.

This particular machine has a lot of added benefits due to its length.

“Because it’s so long, it allows us to leave certain sections set up for specific types of boxes. We can go onto another job, and then come back to that style and bypass setup, so that’s been really helpful for makeready speeds,” says Keva. “It’s also just faster in general.”

Just how fast? The Heidelberg Diana X 115 can output over 200,000 cartons per hour at speeds of up to 2,130 feet per minute, according to Heidelberg.

With 8 glue guns, we are able to produce even more complex styles of boxes, and its auto-packing feature means a cleaner process without room for human error. The machine automatically scans our ITF barcode on each package before it is packed for shipping, and if an incongruous barcode is read then the offending package will be automatically ejected. This is just one way we ensure that cartons won’t get mixed during the production process.

The Heidelberg Diana X 115 Folder Gluer promises to increase our production capacity, decrease production times, and further reinforce the platinum standard of quality that our customers have come to expect from us.