We recently have purchased a High-Speed Label Applicator. Why are we excited about this? Because we can now offer our customers something new to play with. We love new toys and new capabilities. We recently applied 700,000 Instant Redeemable Coupons (IRC) to paperboard sleeves! In addition to IRCs, we can also apply labels to the inside or outside of your custom packaging product.

This machine is efficient and fast, which means an affordable, value-added capability for our customers. The CTM 360a FFS Series attaches to our glue machine, so we have the ability to apply the label while we glue the item! This labeler can handle up to a 3” x 3” label and as small as a 1” x 1” label.

We envision that this applicator will be used to add eye-catching promotions to our customer’s products, such as a small shelf talker on every item or a new-look burst. Perhaps there is a need to adapt to unexpected regulations or industry changes by covering something up or adding something with a label. We are excited to brainstorm ways our customers can use this High-Speed Label Applicator to promote their products and grow their business! Contact your sales rep today to inquire.