Features, Advantages & Benefits

(F) Feature- What makes us special and unique?
(A) Advantage- Why are we special when compared to the competition?
(B) Benefit- How does the advantage translate to what is important to the employee?

As we continue to explore new ways to recruit great folks, we have been challenged to articulate what makes Sonderen truly unique when compared to other local employers. We have leaned on our newer folks to help discover what they appreciate about Sonderen compared to previous employment experiences. We have also brainstormed with our management team to find out what they value most about working here. When we put it all together, we came up with F.A.B. statements for each of the 9 categories. Family Culture, 3rd Generation Family Owned/Fiercely Independent, Investment in Employees, High Ethical Standards, Independent Carton Group Member, Work Environment, Financial Stability, Customer Satisfaction, and the Folding Carton Industry.

The feature that continually rises to the top for new and tenured employees is our family culture. Now, some families are dysfunctional, but we hope to provide a family culture where employees can find work enjoyment through mutual respect from co-workers, managers, and owners. Employees can also enjoy job satisfaction through empowerment and the ability to learn new things while adding value. Many people take pride in their job skills, the product they produce, and the company they represent.

The fact that we are a third-generation family-owned and operated business also makes us unique. Along with our commitment to Fierce Independence, this feature translates to direct and supportive involvement by the ownership that strives to ensure a family culture of respect and kindness. Stability in a company and a job employees can count on in the future translates to peace of mind.

We are passionate about our employees growing as people, which benefits both their professional and personal lives.

We make decisions and business plans that support our commitment to our greatest asset, our people. We invest in our people by providing high-quality medical, dental, and 401k benefits that our folks value. We also offer opportunities for training, both internally and externally, which directly translates to earning a higher wage. We are passionate about our employees growing as people, which benefits both their professional and personal lives.

Believe it or not, the folding carton industry is a feature that makes us unique. There are no other dedicated folding carton manufacturers within 285 miles of Sonderen Packaging. The fact is, paperboard packaging is always going to be necessary, especially for food and grocery items. This category of folding carton business is what we focus on because it tends to be very stable and weathers economic ups and downs. This feature provides us with peace of mind that what we produce will be relevant no matter what happens in this bizaare world.

The team at Sonderen is what makes us, and the opportunity to look inward is both insightful and rewarding. We look forward to developing these features, advantages and benefits and attracting and retaining employees whose values align with ours. We are searching for people who appreciate what we stand for, and want to be a part of a company that genuinely cares about their employees.

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