Job ID: 111462
Date Posted: 03/16/2023
Location: Spokane
Salary Range: $17+ $1 shift differential & $500 SIGNING BONUS, IF ELIGIBLE
Position Classification: Production Labor
Employment Type: Hiring



Press Feeder

Shift: 6am-6pm (Rotating 12hr shift)

The feeder position is critical to helping to maintain the efficiencies of the printing department. This position will be working with a team to set up and run the Printing machine as well as prep loads to feed into the machine. The Feeder is responsible for ensuring that the press machine is kept running consistently which minimizes quality issues and allows the machine to run at maximum speed.

Some advice for a new the feeder is to, keep busy and learn as much as you can. Your effort will not go unnoticed. There is a physical aspect to this job as well as an acute awareness. Sometimes there is some heavy lifting and moving of pallets so it is important to be physically equipped. Learning how to manipulate pallet jacks and stage pallets in an organized manner is also important.

The paperboard can be challenging to work with because it will vary in thickness, moisture content and strength. A feeder must take all of these factors into consideration when setting up the feed so the sheets run smoothly. The feeder likes the challenge of ensuring the loads are perfectly aerated and that loads are not missed. The feeder is always on the press for make-readies and wash ups. They are also challenged to problem solve on a daily basis while contributing to the teams success.

This custom manufacturing business is also very humbling in that you learn something new every single day. Manufacturing is exciting and can be unpredictable. We all do the best we can but at the end of the day we must give ourselves some grace. Although we strive for perfection, we are not perfect people and do not make a perfect product. However, we take pride in seeing our quality product on the store shelf. We are lifelong learners. We persevere through tough times and are always looking for ways to improve. We love to laugh and joke and celebrate success. If these are characteristics you embody, it is likely you would be a great fit for our team. Are you up for the challenge??


This position is responsible keeping the press running. Will perform duties such as:

  • Feeding
  • Aerating
  • Set-up and Run the feeder
  • Clean paper dust
  • Maintain chemicals and rags on press
  • Monitor coating process


Broad training in a related professional field usually acquired through HS diploma or Equivalent education or an equivalent combination knowledge, skills, education or work-related experience.

Job related experience for none required minimum.

experience working in a manufacturing environment preferred.