Matt Sonderen


Matt Sonderen is Co-Owner at Sonderen Packaging. He has worked in the family business since 1998, holding positions in production and at administration levels. Matt earned a baccalaureate degree in Business Finance from Gonzaga University.

In addition to helping lay out the strategy and vision for the company, Matt’s role encompasses researching the latest technologies and equipment to continue to build the best folding carton facility in the country. He also manages the companies financing and banking relationships to ensure that Sonderen Packaging will grow and thrive for future generations. Matt most enjoys being on the plant floor and talking with folks about improvement ideas. “I really enjoy working with team members on the plant floor. They are in the thick of it every day and know the work better than anyone else, making them the best resource to tap into for meaningful improvements.”

Matt sits on the board of directors for the Northeast Community Center, which serves the neighborhoods surrounding Sonderen Packaging’s facility. He is also active in Rotary Club and is involved in his kids Cub Scout Pack and Scout Troop. When not working, you will most likely find Matt in the outdoors skiing, biking, hunting, or fishing with his wife and three boys.